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Transforming lives through technology

At Itot, we believe that technology has the power to transform lives and digital skills have the potential to improve the social-economic fabric of a community.
Itot's vision is to be a pioneering social impact organization specializing in professional training, job creation, and digital skills enhancement.

Our mission, centered on education and the development of digital skills, aims to offer everyone in general, Black or African American, and other underserved communities in particular the opportunity to learn and get started in the IT industry.

Okademy is our non-profit IT training center and academy, operating similarly to a BootCamp. We offer IT training courses tailored to the needs of the job market in software development, UX/UI design, IT security and digital marketing. Our commitment goes beyond technical skills to encompass entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills and local community empowerment.

Students at Okademy USA are afforded the following:

Why Itot USA

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Cultural Engagement

  • Fireside chat — “African cultural and intellectual history”
  • Pan-African Networking & Identity
  • Internship opportunity at ITOT Africa offices or our African IT Companies Partners
  • Open to suggestions…

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Spiritual Growth

  • Career and skills development Bible Study
  • Small group support with Christian work ethic
  • Business-as-Mission : utilizing digital skills to prepare global and local workers
  • Partnerships with local churches & community development programs.

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Job Connection

  • Connecting graduates with companies and partners
  • Refining recruiting candidate skill requirements
  • Using employer feedback to improve course offerings

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Career Development

We produce training content on demand coupled with in-person digital and business skills development and mentoring.

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Impact Measuring

Finally, we analyze metrics to improve our job creation and placement success

Meet Our Team

Yann Mulonda

Executive Director | CEO

Josh Essert

Chief Financial Officer

Carl Kananda

Chief Operations Officer

Lauren Mulonda

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Oscar Huerta

Chair of Board of Directors

Samy Mwamba

Board Director

Kileshe Kasoma

Board Director

Marc Luanghy

Board Director

Glodie Mulunda

Board Director

Benita Kayembe

Board Director

Junior Jean-Simon

Community Outreach Manager

About Us

Itot USA embodies Itot Africa's vision as a pioneering social impact organization specializing in professional training, job creation, and digital skills enhancement across Africa. They cater to individuals seeking knowledge, meeting recruitment requirements, and reinforcing skills. The Itot organization provides customized digital content, coding, IT & entrepreneurship training, and e-learning to businesses, SMEs, and individuals/entrepreneurs in Central Africa region and the United States.

Our flagship product, Okademy, is a training center and academy providing online & in-person trainings. The online platform provides learning and career tracking features. Itot supports the digitization process of its clients by creating technology solutions and offers personalized coding and programming courses to students, enabling them to bridge the gap in their IT and digital skills


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